The Difference Prayer Makes

July 1, 2021 by Lindsay Gray

The prayer of the righteous person is powerful in what it can achieve. — James 5:16 (CEB)

I probably think too much about prayer.  I don’t mean that I spend all of my time pondering prayer or that I have profound ideas about the nature of prayer.  I mean that I often find myself overthinking it: What are the right words? Is my prayer worthy? When will it be answered? Is there something better to pray for? Did I forget to pray about something? Do I pray enough?  Getting wrapped up in this kind of thinking leads me away from what my heart, mind, body, and soul actually know and feel about prayer: Prayer makes a difference — whatever form it takes, whenever and however it happens.

The meditations in this issue are a beautiful reminder of all the shapes, sizes, and purposes of prayer.  Prayer grounds us in our faith and connects us to our Creator.  Prayer is a short phrase or a weekend of solitude.  Prayer is an expression of care and hope for loved ones and for our communities.  Prayer is an antidote for worry and a way to remember God’s goodness and faithfulness.  Prayer encourages inward reflection and honesty with ourselves and with God.  Prayer shapes our vision of what can be, what God wills for the world, and how we can bring that vision to life.  For the readers of The Upper Room around the world, prayer is a daily connection to a global community.  For all these reasons and more, prayer makes a difference.  Whatever form your prayers take, I am always grateful to be praying with you.

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