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July 28, 2021 by Melinda Eye Cooper (Tennessee, USA)

Since I struggled with the desire to look back when God asked me to move, I’ve gotten much better with moving forward in life. Not perfect but better.

God may ask us not to look back at many things in our lives, not just a place we love. God may have plans in motion for us to leave other things behind if it’s God’s will and for our good.

I’ve left behind jobs and churches that I loved knowing God was moving me somewhere else for my spiritual growth.

In moving to a new place in life, whatever that may be, finding the surrendered place in Jesus Christ is how we move forward. Determining our steps to be in line with God’s will and yielding ourselves to God is where I try to be every day. I ask, What does God want from me today? What can I do to stay in God’s will for my life?

I had to make a list to remind me of God’s direction when I was struggling so much with looking back at my home town in another state. It helped get me through the difficult time.

Now I don’t need to make a list to remind me of God’s direction if I struggle with looking back. Instead, I pray fervently for God’s will and yield myself — seeking comfort and guidance from scripture. I know wherever God has me is where God wants me, until God moves me somewhere else.

God is in control, and I rest in that knowledge. I hope you do too.

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