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August 23, 2021 by Teresa L. Seaburg (Texas, USA)

At the time I wrote and submitted my devotional in 2019, our bald eagle pair had been returning to our community for more than 20 years, making their home among us for their season of nesting and raising their offspring. I thought it was amazing that in recent years they had chosen to build their nest adjacent to our large church, an active commercial area, and a busy parking garage. Their resilience and determination to make this bustling place work for their family was admirable.

Once the pandemic hit and church services were held online, I still made a point of periodically driving past our church hoping that I might spy our bald eagle parents. Sadly I never saw them. Checking into what might have become of them, I heard rumors and read that they had moved to the shoreline of a nearby lake that has a small, quiet island. It appeared that along with many of us, our town eagles decided to heed the social distancing guidelines of 2020—they were also isolating and establishing new boundaries for their family’s safety and comfort.

Certainly some changes will stay in place following this pandemic, for us and for the eagles; we have a new awareness of what we need to do for ourselves and our families. Although I missed seeing these majestic birds last year, proudly perched and guarding their young, I hope to admire them again when they return in the fall—likely in their new, more socially distanced environment. For now, I’m grateful for the earlier opportunities I had to witness their impressive parenting. Whenever I think of the dignified devotion of the eagles and their desire to protect their family, I see a parallel with our loving God’s devotion to us and God’s constant desire to protect all of us.

To God be the glory! Amen.

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