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September 28, 2021 by Vimbai Chizarura (Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe)

It has been a year and some months since I had the experience I wrote about in my meditation for today, and I am grateful to God that I managed to pull through. At first it seemed like the period of hurting and contemplating about my lost wallet would never end, but the hurting faded as months passed. Once, soon after I lost my wallet, I went back to the place where I lost it in hopes of finding my documents or a few remains of it lying around, but it was in vain. Oh, the pain we experience when we hope to find a lost belonging but only realize we must learn to live without it! No one seemed to understand my feelings at the time. But now I can look back and see the mighty hand of God in it all. Truly God stood by me and gave me strength. I lost very important things when I lost my wallet—my money, every bank card I owned, and even my national identification card. But the constant thought that God was by my side helped me, and I saw God through it all. 

I had planned to use the savings in my wallet at the time to go to driving school, but I faced delay when the money was taken with the wallet. Yet today I have a class 2 driver’s license, which allows me to drive large trucks. Somehow I managed to raise more funds to get my license, and the Lord provided. I saw God being strong enough for me in my time of weakness, and I now know that any time we feel weak we can trust in God’s strength.

After I lost my wallet a few people asked about the money issue and some ridiculed me for losing the money, but I found strength and refuge in the Lord. Now I know we can be very careful with our belongings, but we are only stewards. If we lose anything, the Lord is faithful and will restore what we lost one way or another. Perhaps like me you might have lost something dear to you, maybe even something that is extremely important, but I am here to encourage you that Christ in us is the hope of all glory. The best, and nothing but the very best, is yet to come!

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