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October 26, 2021 by D. Gerow Baker (Oklahoma, USA)

Greetings, fellow The Upper Room enthusiasts. I’ve always enjoyed reading about other authors and what has transpired since the submittal of their devotional. Since I submitted my devotional for today, “When You Don’t Fit In,” back in 2019, life for all of us has changed. Following the termination of my employment, I certainly questioned the value of my work over the past three decades. I also discovered the powerful link between who we are and what we do for a living. Once those were separated for me, I began to question my identity apart from my work and the sincerity of relationships created in work-related interactions.

I discovered that the saying, “You find out who your friends are when you’re down,” proved itself. But at the same time, I thankfully found that when doors are slammed in your face, others open willingly, barely even needing a gentle knock. Shortly after my dismissal, I pursued a highly rewarding but unsuccessful job search. I also enrolled in college classes, but was ultimately derailed by the onset of COVID-19. One of the true blessings I found was the chance to embark again on a lifelong interest in writing. Through those experiences and others, I began to reassess my identity apart from my occupation.

Behold! Suddenly there was time for the skills and talents I had neglected for years. With planning, focus, and discipline, I worked at sharpening my domestic skills, including cooking, intensive vegetable gardening, and home maintenance and beautification projects. I prioritized time for much deeper Bible study and prayer. And a consistent and varied exercise regimen has forced long-dormant muscles back into action.

Quite often, following a deeply hurtful event, people pick up the pieces and later observe, “That was the best thing that could have happened to me.” In no way was that statement true for me. But unquestionably, the future appears bright and full of God’s grace. I do believe that God won’t give us more than we can handle—especially with God’s guidance, companionship, and love.

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