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January 15, 2022 by Mary Hunt Webb (New Mexico, USA)
Mary Hunt Webb and her husband,
Morris Webb

The conversation with a classmate that I described in today’s meditation took place more than 25 years ago during a graduate level class for those involved in instructing adults. However, making the connection between that classmate and the apostle Thomas was a more recent occurrence. That sort of thing happens because I read the Bible cover to cover every year. Each time I read it, it inspires different thoughts, brings up buried memories, and promotes fresh applications.

I was amazed to hear someone say, “I don’t need to keep reading the Bible cover to cover every year. I’ve already done that several times.” Our lives continually change, so we are in a different place spiritually, emotionally, and physically every time we read it. I had read the passage in today’s longer reading (John 20:24-29) many times before I connected it with the incident that I related in today’s meditation.

I did apply the information about learning differences to the classes I taught in English as a Second Language at our local community college. Many of my students had limited knowledge of English and spoke a variety of languages. Therefore, I used props such as puppets and common household items to communicate various topics. Once, when a young woman on the front row of my class had taken off her red shoes, I grabbed one of her shoes to teach the words “shoe” and “red.” She kept her shoes on after that! I learned not to take fresh produce as props. My students always wanted to eat the produce, so I would need to take enough for everyone.

While I was still a young girl with scabs on my knees, I had dedicated my life to serving the Lord. I had thought that meant that I would go to a foreign country as a missionary and that I would need to speak other languages. Although I have tried to learn several foreign languages, Spanish is the one that I know best besides English. Instead of my traveling outside the United States, the Lord has brought speakers of other languages to me. In addition, I have taught a Bible class to people whose first language was not English. When some of my students returned to their home countries, they took with them the concepts that I taught them. In that respect, I traveled with them.

Although I am officially retired from the community college, I still teach one weekly class in American Sign Language as a volunteer at my church and am a Certified Lay Servant. Additionally, writing allows me to reach audiences around the world so that I am carrying out my commitment to serve God. Today’s meditation is my ninth one appear in The Upper Room.

Finding the time to write is one of my biggest challenges. My home collects dust just like everyone else’s while small tasks mount up. Thankfully, I have a helpful husband, Morris (a.k.a. “DH” or “Dear Husband”), as you see in the accompanying photo. He not only helps around the house, but is also the designer and Webbmaster for our Webbsite. We are looking forward to celebrating our 53rd wedding anniversary this coming July.

Morris and I pray that we can reflect our Lord to others through our Webbsite. We welcome you to explore our postings there at

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