May 2022 Wednesday Study Questions

April 26, 2022 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

May 4: Standing Strong
1. Recall a time when you felt a strong temptation. What did you decide to do? What did you learn from the situation?
2. Do you ever think that it would be easier to simply do something wrong and then ask for forgiveness later? Why might this be appealing? How do you resist this desire?
3. What are some of your strongest convictions? How do they guide your decisions? What does it mean to you to stick to your convictions in your heart?
4. How do you feel knowing that you may fail at something or be ridiculed because of your convictions? Why is it important that you stand firm in your faith, even if that means accepting failure?
5. Who in the Bible besides David stuck firmly to their convictions? What was the outcome of their situation? In what ways are you encouraged by their example?

May 11: Share My Joy
1. When you feel joyful, do you want to share your joy with others? Why or why not? Who in your life are you best able to share your joys with?
2. What do you do when your church’s sermons are on topics that do not apply to your present situation? Where do you find spiritual guidance when this happens?
3. How does it encourage you to know that God cares about our joys as well as our sorrows? What scripture verses remind you that God cares about our joys? How do you share your joys and sorrows with God?
4. What led you to choose your current church home? If you are looking for a church home, what are you hoping to find in a church? How do you know when you have found the right faith community for you?
5. How do you remain sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others? In what ways do you strive to share in others’ joys and sorrows?

May 18: Resetting My Focus
1. What aspects of nature most inspire you? Do you enjoy capturing these experiences in photographs or other forms of art? How does this part of nature reveal to you God’s artistry?
2. Do you find it easy to look beyond flaws and focus on the beauty around you? Why or why not? What helps you to focus on the beauty?
3. When is it most challenging for you to look past the flaws in others? Why? How do you think God views the flawed people in your life? How will you try to see what God sees in others?
4. Is it easy or difficult for you to look beyond your own flaws? Why? What do you hope others see in you? In what ways do you attempt to emphasize the good qualities that you want others to see in you?
5. How does your faith community help you to focus on the beauty in your surroundings and in others? How do they focus on the beauty in you?

May 25: Held in Prayer
1. Do you prefer being self-sufficient instead of having to ask for help? Why? How are the outcomes different when you act alone versus when you ask for help from others?
2. Who has helped you through grief? How did they help you? How do you help others who are experiencing grief?
3. What differences have you observed in your life when others are praying for you? Why do you think the prayers of others have such a perceptible effect?
4. Name some biblical characters and situations that serve as examples of the importance of supporting and being supported by others. How do their actions encourage you to support the people in your life and to accept help?
5. Who in your faith community supports you through prayer, friendship, and comfort? How have they changed your life? Why is it important to have someone who supports you?

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