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May 12, 2022 by Victoria Walsh (Montana, USA)

God has profusely continued to inspire brief, recalibrating prayers to free me from the quicksand of upsetting or otherwise too-persistent memories. All these prayers have been immeasurably helpful. I’m listing some of the prayers here in the hope that they might provide you with effective aids for yourselves or evoke new ones. May the Lord graciously answer your prayers.

• “Thank you that that scene no longer exists outside of my mind.”
• “May it not be counted against them.” (See Acts 7:60; 2 Tim. 4:16.)
• “You were there, Lord. You understand everything that happened. I don’t need to explain it to you or continue to carry it.”
• “Praise you that I no longer think I deserve so little.”
• “May that be a reminder of how you have healed that area of my life.”
• “Jesus, that was too painful for me then.  Help me not to relive it.”
• “You know all my mistakes, failures, and flaws.  Thank you for still loving me.”
• “I wish I could undo that, Lord, but I can’t, so I ask you to please take it from my shoulders.”
• “That’s not what you want me to think about, God.”
• “Thank you for sparing me from what I was convinced I needed then.”
• “Help me to keep in mind the good things that person did, Father.”
• “By your grace, Lord, I’ll stop holding on to that.”
• “Dear Jesus, I don’t want to feel stuck anymore.”
• “That’s a dead end, God.  Help me to steer clear of it.”
• “Lord, don’t let anyone defeat me in my mind.”
• “Please help me to truly forgive and totally forget.”
• “Praise you, Jesus, for your love that heals every heartache.”
• “You don’t want me to live back there, Lord.”
• “With your help, I can let that go.”
• “It’s not healthy for me to dwell on that, God.”
• “Oh Father, may I never stop looking forward to the magnificent future you have planned for me and not let myself be crushed by the indelible past.”
• “Dear God, please help me to adjust my perspective on that.”
• “Let’s change the channel, Lord.”
• “Help me not to miss today, Lord, reawakening yesterday.”
• “Dear Lord, please free me from the habit of unhappy thinking.”
• “That’s not who I am, God.”
• “Father, thank you for helping me never to do that again.”
• “Praise you for bringing good even from that.”
• “Please bless that person.”
• “There’s so much more to life than that, Jesus.”

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