July 2022 Wednesday Study Questions

June 29, 2022 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

July 6: Mission Opportunities

1. When someone asks how your day is going, how do you respond? Do you keep things formal or allow the conversation to go deeper? How have you been blessed by being asked this question?
2. What locations have provided you with unexpected opportunities to minister to others? How have you allowed God to work through you in these places?
3. When you think of mission opportunities, what comes to mind? How has your understanding of mission opportunities changed throughout your faith journey?
4. Today’s writer found a way to minister to others while at work. Do you find ways to minister to others as you go about your day? If so, what are they? If not, how has this meditation encouraged you to do so?
5. What mission opportunities does your church offer? How do you support or participate? In what other ways could your church minister to those in your community?

July 13: Joyfully Waiting

1. Recall a time when you had to wait. Did you wait joyfully? Why or why not? How can remaining hopeful and joyful change your experience of waiting?
2. When you realize that something you were hoping for has not yet come to fruition, do you easily become discouraged? What keeps you encouraged and joyful in such times?
3. What scripture verses remind you that your faith is not in vain and that you can rely on God’s promises? Why do these verses encourage you?
4. When you are in a season of waiting, what spiritual practices help you to remain confident and hopeful in God? What prayers encourage you?
5. How does your faith community help you to wait joyfully? Why do you think Christian fellowship can make a difference in the way we wait on God?

July 20: A Good Day to Forgive

1. When you interact with someone you do not like, are you able to look past the tension between yourself and the other person? Do you feel it is important to try to engage such people? Why?
2. How has prayer given you a deeper faith and greater understanding of God’s purpose for you? Name the prayer practices that have been the most meaningful to you.
3. Do you find it easy or difficult to pray for someone with whom you have a difficult relationship? Why? How does praying for those who have hurt you change the way you feel about them?
4. Is it easy for you to forgive others? Does God’s forgiveness of you change the way you forgive? Why or why not?
5. How are your prayers for others different from your prayers for yourself? In what ways have you sensed the Holy Spirit at work while you pray for others?

July 27: Signs of God’s Presence

1. Describe a time when a physical reminder of God’s presence brought you peace. Why did the reminder help you in that moment? How does it continue to help you?
2. Describe a time when being assured of God’s presence helped you when you were feeling anxious or sad. Why was God’s presence particularly comforting during that time?
3. What are the most important physical reminders for you of God’s love and presence? How do you remember God’s presence in the absence of these physical reminders?
4. When have you felt distant from God? What made you feel this way? What brought you close to the Creator again?
5. What stories in the Bible about God’s constant presence encourage you the most? How do you keep these stories in mind when you are feeling anxious or alone? In what ways do these stories strengthen your faith?

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