October 2022 Wednesday Study Questions

September 28, 2022 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

October 5: Forget Your Past Mistakes

1. Have you ever rejected an answer to prayer hoping that something better might come along?  Did you regret your choice?  What was the outcome of your situation?
2. Have you ever viewed yourself as a failure when circumstances didn’t go the way you had hoped?  What did this experience teach you about failure and the way that God looks at us when we don’t succeed?
3. Describe a time when you found a scripture passage that spoke to you.  Why did you relate to the scripture so deeply?
4. Name some people in the Bible who did not receive the answer to prayer that they had hoped for.  Which of these stories is most helpful for you?  Why?
5. How does it encourage you to know that God is always making things new?  How does your faith community remind you to always look toward the new things God is doing?

October 12: Behind the Scenes

1. Why do you think we tend to place more value on the work of those who are on the front lines than that of those who are behind the scenes?  How can you be more intentional about recognizing and appreciating the contributions of those working behind the scenes?
2. Do you prefer to be in the background or front-and-center?  Why?  How do you think other people view your contributions?
3. Who in the Bible worked behind the scenes to help spread the good news about Christ?  Do you think Christ’s message would have spread as far as it has without their efforts?  Why or why not?
4. Do you ever find yourself considering some roles in God’s kingdom more important than others?  Why?  What scripture verses remind you that every role is essential?
5. What is your role in God’s kingdom?  How do you know that this is your role?  What advice and encouragement do you have for someone who is unsure of their role?

October 19: Fruitful Grace

1. What in nature do you view as a symbol of God’s grace? Why is it a helpful image for you?
2. The tree in today’s meditation sprouted up without being planted. When have you witnessed something spontaneous that ended up being a blessing to many?  How do the results of spontaneous gifts differ from those that are planned and intentional?
3. What images of God’s grace do you see around you?  Do you seek out those images, or do you find them without effort?  How do those images inform your faith and actions?
4. Are we able to truly know and understand God’s grace?  Why or why not?  How do scripture, Christian community, and nature bring you closer to understanding grace?
5. In what ways can you extend a bit of God’s grace to someone today?  In what ways are others extending God’s grace to you?

October 26: A Piece of the Puzzle

1. Do you tend to see the big picture, or do you focus on the details?  Why is it sometimes easier to focus on one more than the other?
2. When have you felt that you were out of place in life?  What made you feel this way?  What helps remind you that you fit perfectly into God’s plan?  When are you most confident in your place in God’s kingdom?
3. How do we discover God’s will for our life? How can we be sure that we are following God’s will for us?
4. Do you find it easy or difficult to accept God’s will?  Do you ever wish God would change your situation?  What scripture verses and prayers help you find peace and accept that God’s plans for you are better than your own?
5. How do you remain faithful and trust that you fit perfectly into God’s plan?  How does your faith community help you to stay the course?

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