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September 8, 2022 by Eileen Nuñez (New Jersey, USA)

It is so wonderful to be able to share the word of God with other people. Through our personal experiences, we are able to create a bond and get a better understanding of the word and how it applies to our lives. As we know, the word of God is alive, not stagnant. The Lord’s words are best lived and experienced.

We have been given the wonderful opportunity not only to live God’s word but also to share it in community. God could impress upon me a life lesson that could even be true for someone else. It is our duty to share lessons and good advice to help our fellow neighbor in the journey to God. We are God’s voice to share God’s wisdom and life.

In my experience, that is the best way to understand and enjoy God’s word and presence. That is how I am able to write my own devotionals, taking time to sit and think of the life lessons I have learned along the way in my journey. I reflect on what God is actively trying to show me at that time. To make sure that I know I am hearing from God, I find a scripture passage that confirms the statement, and there I see the truth in what God was trying to share with me.

If the message is profound and universal (most times it is) I share it so that others can also experience the same love and knowledge that God wants to share with me. God loves it when we are in action—action for God’s words, love, and faith. God’s words breathe life into us, and it is only right to share that breath of life.

There were times when I would sit down and reflect, and I could hear God speaking to me in my heart. A simple moment sitting next to a tree could turn into a moment of gratitude and learning with God. Those impromptu moments were usually the most profound. I could be stressed over something, and then just like that I would feel the answer from God on how to simplify it or how to handle it. A feeling of pure joy and wonder would wash over me with the realization of how God is with us in every seemingly little moment.

As we know, not all learning experiences are beautiful or pain free. But once we sit down and realize what we are being told to focus on and learn from, the pain can subside and the lesson can become beautiful. Just feeling the presence of our Creator caring enough to provide solace is miracle enough for me at times.

I am grateful to be part of a community that is so open about their experiences with God. Telling our stories keeps God’s word alive as we share and praise how God touches each and every one of us.

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