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November 23, 2022 by D. Gerow Baker (Oklahoma, USA)
Since this photo was taken in
December 2020, the bike has been
removed from the campus. Hopefully
it's found a happy new home,
maybe just in time for Christmas!

Thank you to The Upper Room staff for publishing and to all you who read my piece today on the forgotten bike. After this devotional was submitted, the bike remained undisturbed and unclaimed for more than three years. Finally, considered abandoned, it was removed from campus and probably wound up on an auction block somewhere.

The eternal optimist in me believes the bike has found a home for a youngster who will experience the great thrill I had one Christmas morning when I received my first bike. That remains one of my most prized and vivid holiday memories.

It’s my hope that this devotional inspires even one of us during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season to remember—and to help as best we can—those who have been forgotten and abandoned. And then maybe we can rejoice when we realize what once was lost has now been found.

God bless each of you!

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