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January 5, 2023 by Zach Schaar (Ohio, USA)

Two years ago I decided to write a meditation based on Exodus 34:29. Since then, I have continued to grow in the LORD and experience God’s grace. As I mature in faith, one of my frequent prayers is asking God to fill me with God’s radiance and glory. When I or my family walk into a room, my prayer is that we seem different—like we’ve been somewhere great and we can’t hide our excitement. A radiance that is not from natural light, but that originates in the heavenly place: time with God. John 1:5 states that the darkness could not overcome the light. When the LORD fills us with light, no one can put out that light. In today’s society, people have many concerns and anxieties. There has never been a better time to show the world that God can become our victory, our light, and our peace that no one can conquer. We do not have to fear when we know God is in control.

As my children grow older (they are now three and five years old) we continue to read scripture and pray with them daily, encouraging them to find joy in pursuing a fruitful relationship with God. Recently, my child Emmylou was baptized at age four and a half. After weeks of prayer and confirmation from the LORD, we were sure that she not only understood the concept of baptism, but that she was in fact ready. Her radiance, calm spirit, and peace due to God is extraordinary, and her light truly does shine to anyone she meets! The good news is, this radiance is available to anyone who is seeking it. A person’s past, age, or profession does not matter—God’s light is available to anyone who seeks it out. Unlike Moses, we don’t have to climb a mountain to be filled with light. All we have to do is give God our heart and spend time with God as often as we possibly can.

Since the time I wrote my meditation, I can say that when I miss my time with the LORD, or when I over-schedule myself and do not have adequate time with God, it shows. Becoming radiant in Christ is not a one-time occurrence—it has to be done cheerfully, willingly, and consistently. Nearly every morning at five, I can be found on my chair with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and my Bible, being filled with whatever God sees fit for the day. I’ve found that when I draw near to God, God draws near to me—every single time (see Jas. 4:8-10).

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