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May 15, 2023 by Steve Wakefield (Alabama, USA)

When I wrote today’s devotion, I had recently moved to a new city, started a new job, and was helping my kids cope with the unexpected loss of their mother.  As I entered this new chapter in my life, I wondered what it all meant.  How were all these changes in my life taking my imperfect self and molding me into a new creation? 

Today, my kids and I are navigating life without their mom.  My son will graduate from University of Georgia with a business degree and has secured a great job.  My daughter is finishing her sophomore year at Georgia Tech.  Both are thriving and focused on the right things and have not turned to destructive ways of handling their loss.

I am surrounded by wonderful friends in my new city.  I am blessed to be involved in the correctional ministry at my church where we minister to those in the state prison system.  I never thought I would go into another prison, but I know God prepared me for this ministry.

I try to see things the way God sees them and know there is a reason for what is happening in my life.  I don’t always understand God’s plan, but I continue to trust God.  As I follow God’s path, I am no longer focused on the brand the world has placed on me; rather, I am focused on the new creation I am becoming in the Potter’s hand.   

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