Spending the Weekend with Jesus

August 10, 2023 by Pattie Raposo (Missouri, USA)

The first time I felt as though I had spent quality time with Jesus was when I attended my Walk to Emmaus weekend. I was raised in the Methodist Church and even though I pushed God aside at various times in my life, I knew God was always with me. But I had never experienced God’s unconditional love as strongly as I did throughout that entire weekend.

I knew in my heart that Jesus had awakened me every morning, he had prepared my meals, he had cleaned up after me, he had served me Communion, and he had prayed for me throughout the three days. And he had done this through his earthly servants known as the Emmaus team. They were his heart, his voice, his hands, and his feet.

About a year after my Emmaus weekend, my husband and I moved to Texas to be near family. Little did we know that our family was about to be extended in a way that neither of us would have ever dreamed. At an Emmaus gathering, a man approached my husband about the possibility of his working in prison ministry. My husband declined, but God has a way of tugging at one’s heart! And before we realized it, we were both active in prison ministry.

The program — called Kairos — is basically the Walk to Emmaus for those who are incarcerated. My husband was blessed to be a part of the team for several Kairos weekends at the Eastham Unit near Huntsville, Texas, and I was blessed to be on the team for two Kairos weekends at the Hobby Unit in Marlin, Texas. I know that these men and women could feel Jesus’ presence throughout the weekend just as I had on my Emmaus weekend. It was evident in their eyes.

There is nothing greater than sharing the love of Christ with others! We are now back living in Missouri and have been blessed once again by bringing Christ’s love to men in a nearby prison through the Kairos program. Praise God!

For more information on The Upper Room’s Walk to Emmaus ministry, visit: https://www.upperroom.org/walktoemmaus

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