November 30, 2023 by Peggy Bashaw

After reading the print version of The Upper Room for many years, I discovered the digital edition. I began reading the daily devotional online every morning along with the comments section. It was several years before I began to comment. After receiving a warm reception from the online community, I quickly began to feel like part of the Upper Room cyber-family of God. Little did I realize how much I would need the love and prayers of this community.

When my mother fell and had to have emergency surgery, she was placed on a ventilator for several days. We did not know if she would live. I turned to The Upper Room community for prayer. The overwhelming response filled me with hope and God’s peace through that difficult time. In Romans 1:9-12, the apostle Paul talks of encouraging each other in faith. I believe we all need a community of faithful friends—whether online or in person—so that we can encourage one another through our words and prayers.

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