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February 28, 2024 by Cindy Lee (England, United Kingdom)

Thank you very much for your valuable comments regarding my previous meditation, “Old News.” It is always lovely to hear how my words have helped or inspired readers. I am also grateful for the meditations I have read that have guided me in my walk with God.

“God Hears Our Cries” was a reflection on the crushing pain and disorientation experienced when a loved one is ill and hospitalized.  In this case, it was my dad who needed urgent care. Initially turmoil, fear, and worry were the negative emotions that knitted themselves inside of me. When I heard that Christians from different churches were attending my local church, it brought me hope and comfort because I have always believed there is strength in a community of believers being united in their faith. What I didn’t expect was to be too overwhelmed to speak.

Maybe like me, you have experienced those times when you wanted to say something in prayer, or even say something to someone, but simply couldn’t. Finding myself unable to express the thoughts inside my heart and mind was paralyzing. It reminded me of the shy, withdrawn child I used to be, who wanted to speak her mind but couldn’t.

When the time came for sharing petitions, not being able to share my request felt like a missed opportunity unraveling in front of my eyes. I can still remember my inward cries to God and the frustration of not being able to say the words. When a woman prayed for people in hospital, hope filled my heart and so did the wonderful knowledge that God was with me and had listened to my prayer. God will do the same for you.

My dad, thanks to the prayers and dedicated medical staff who cared for him, made a full recovery.

I wish you a reflective Lent as we wait for the joy that Easter brings.

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