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November 4, 2018 by Wade Webster (Texas)

A writer's life can be very lonesome at times, especially for someone recently divorced with no children. When that's the case it's extremely important to remain involved in life any way I can. My physical family members live over a thousand miles away from me, so my church family is just that... family.

Volunteer opportunities abound at church. I help with watching toddlers as needed. At 57 years old, I get my grandpa fix that way. The kids appreciate my time with them, too. I've recently gotten involved with Kairos Prison Ministries as well. This is a team of volunteers that goes into maximum security prisons to display the love of God and reach lost souls for Christ. These, and other avenues of service, keep me sane and alive.

These forms of outreach aren't for everyone, but there are many kinds of service are available for everyone. All we have to do is look for them. If you know of a need in your church or community, don't wait for someone else to tell you how to help. We can all step up and do our best to get it done. We can all find the need, then the solution, and let others know about it. You may be the person God created to make a difference in someone else's life.

You don't need to consider yourself a leader to lead, you just have to have a heart of service and a desire to care for others. God will use us because the greatest ability God is looking for is our availability.

Have a great day.

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