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February 2019 Wednesday Study Questions

January 30, 2019 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

February 6: “Follow Me”

1. Have you ever felt, like Kevin, that it would be easier to simply believe rather than to follow in Jesus’ footsteps? Is there a difference for you between believing and following?  Give some examples to support your answer.
2. Describe a time when you pushed yourself out of your comfortable place in order to follow Jesus. Where did you go?  What did you do?  Did you find joy and contentment through your choice?
3. Think of a historical figure who followed Jesus in a courageous way.  What do you admire about this person?  Why is this example of courage inspiring to you?  How would you like this inspiration to shape your life of faith?
4. What scriptures give you courage and strength when you decide to follow Jesus? What passages help you to discern whether you are following Jesus?
5. How does your church follow Jesus?  What ministries or programs invite you and others to put faith into action?  Are there ways this could be done better?

February 13: The Little Things

1. Besides bread baking, what activities can you think of where small details make a big difference in the final product?  Name some of the details that make a big difference.
2. When you find yourself neglecting or not appreciating small actions, what practices do you use to remind yourself to be faithful to the gospel in the small things, as well as the big ones?
3. Who has taught you the most about appreciating and paying attention to the small actions and details of daily life?  How has this person helped to shape your faith?
4. Are you intentional about considering the sum of your actions and what that sum says about you? Do you find that the level of attention you dedicate to your actions impacts the way you act?
5. What choices do you make in your life that help maintain your integrity? Do you find it easy to make those choices or is it sometimes more difficult? What scriptures give you strength and help you make those more difficult choices?

February 20: Symbols of Victory

1. Share a story of victory, big or small, that has impacted you in some way. How are you encouraged by that story?
2. In what ways do you think the symbols used by the author of Revelation provided encouragement to persecuted Christians in that time? What symbols provide encouragement and hope to you during challenging times?
3. When you’re met with an obstacle, how do you overcome it? What spiritual practices bring you the strength and comfort to persevere?
4. Have you met with an obstacle that made you want to give up? How did your faith allow you to persevere in spite of adversity?
5. How does your church encourage people to persevere in faithful living?  How do people in your community support one another during times of struggle?  How could your church be more encouraging or supportive?

February 27: Quiet Service

1. Tell about a time you witnessed an act of service performed quietly, with nothing given in return to the person serving. How did seeing quiet service impact you?
2. Do you ever find it frustrating that some people get praise for their actions while others often get no acknowledgment for their service? What spiritual practice reminds you that serving like Jesus often means serving without personal gain?
3. Name some ways you already serve others.  Whom else would you like to be able to serve?  What other ways would you like to begin using your gifts to serve your community?
4. What stories in scripture show you the importance of serving others faithfully? What passages encourage you to serve, even if God is the only one who sees your service?
5. What needs are weighing on your heart today?  What are your prayers for the world? For your church?  For your family and friends?  For yourself?

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