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November 15, 2017 by Sandy Quandt (Texas)

Today's meditation is my story as much as it is King David’s. Perhaps it is your story as well.

Growing up I often felt left out. Overlooked. Forgotten. Whether I actually was or not, didn’t seem to matter. What mattered to me was how I felt. And because I felt left out, I believed I was. Even as an adult, I often need to remind myself regardless of how we might feel, it doesn’t change the fact that we are all important in God’s eyes.

Being a writer, I face critique, opinion, evaluation, and judgment with every piece I write and make public. That can be a scary thing, for sure. Because I write for God, I do the very best I possibly can and leave the results in his hands. Sometimes what I write is published and praised. Sometimes it is not. During the disappointing times when I receive a rejection of my work, I must remember it is my work that is rejected, not me. I remember who I am in Jesus’ eyes. I remember my writing is an offering to him; publication is not a measuring stick of how much I am loved by God.

I imagine you face similar situations whether you work inside or outside your home. We work as to the Lord, yes, but because we live in the world, our work is subject to others’ likes and dislikes. Is it not? Just as with David, we should remember God’s opinion is the only one that matters, and God thinks we’re pretty special.

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I wish you well.

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