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June 2019 Wednesday Study Questions

May 29, 2019 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

June 5: “A Walking Testimony”

1. How do you outwardly express your faith?  Do you find it difficult or easy to openly share your faith with others?  Why?
2. Who in your life serves as a role model for you in their faith expression, like Lainie does for the writer? Do you think it is important to have faith role models? Why or why not?
3. Have you experienced rejection or anger from others after sharing your faith with them?  If not, why do you think you have only had positive experiences?  If you have experienced anger or rejection, describe your experience.  What was your reaction?
4. Have you ever felt embarrassed to share your faith with others?  If so, how did you overcome your embarrassment?
5. How does your church community encourage you to participate in outward expressions of faith? In what ways do you share God with others through your church?

June 12: “A Snake, a Bible, and Me”

1. Today’s writer describes her spiritual practice of memorizing scripture verses.  Do you memorize scripture as a part of your spiritual practice?  If so, how does this help your faith journey?  What other spiritual practices do you participate in that strengthen your relationship with God?
2. When you’re feeling lonely or homesick, how do you find peace and comfort?  How does your faith help you through these times?
3. The writer enjoyed communing with God by the lake.  Do you enjoy spending time with God in nature as well?  If so, what do you appreciate most about it?  If not, what is your preferred location for spending time with God and why?
4. Someone encouraged the writer by giving her a list of Bible verses to memorize while she was away from home.  Who in your community is far from home right now?  How can you encourage them and show them God’s love?
5. When have you felt God’s peace during a difficult time?  How did feeling God’s peace change your experience?

June 19: “Now Is the Time”

1. Would you agree that we are living in a great era?  Why or why not?  How does your faith affect your answer?
2. What does it mean to live your faith during difficult times?  How will you use the opportunities you have to proclaim the gospel to an uncertain world?
3. What do you think is the most effective way your church reaches out to the community?  Why do you think it is the most effective?
4. What scripture passages encourage you when you feel overwhelmed by the negative events in the world?  Why do they bring you such comfort?
5. Do you find it difficult to remain steadfast for Christ when you see pain in the world? How do you keep your faith strong despite trials and suffering?  What advice would you give a loved one who is struggling to remain steadfast in their faith?

June 26: “Showing Honor”

1. Describe a time when you experienced tension in a relationship and how you responded.  Did you embrace a new attitude and change the situation, or did you remain in tension?  How does your mind-set affect your interactions with others?
2. In what ways do you honor those around you?  How have you been honored by others?  What does it mean to you to “outdo one another in showing honor”?
3. Whom in your life have you had tension with lately?  How can you turn that situation into one of love and respect?
4. How do you avoid keeping score with those around you?  What practices help you to love and honor those who offend you or wrong you?
5. When members of your church or community have disagreements, how do they resolve them?  What does this teach you about how you would like to respond to conflict in your life?

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