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July 2, 2019 by Lin Daniels (Massachusetts, USA)

On January 1st, a friend invited my sister and me to join her on a plan to read the entire Bible in one year. I had my misgivings since I had usually been a “flip and dip” reader. I would pray, ask God to lead me, and then read whatever showed up. More recently, I had begun to focus on one scripture more intently, meditate on it, and follow some of the principles of Lectio Divina. This orderly, structured reading was quite a departure from my previous practices.

I was still apprehensive about the new reading plan. Would I become more interested in checking off the day’s reading, than in really meeting with God? Would/could God still speak to me if I used a preset reading selection? Would I be able to persevere through some of the more challenging books like Leviticus, Job, or Ezekiel?

I am happy to report that I am now in the middle of the Psalms! I have great hope that I will continue to read faithfully for the rest of the year. I have learned that God will speak at any time, through any scripture, however God chooses. The tougher, seemingly barren readings remind me of the similar places in my faith walk. But God is still very present, attentive, and active. The overflowing readings cause me to stand in awe of God’s abundant, full nature. I have made some connections between Old Testament words and New Testament teachings that I never knew existed. But perhaps the greatest truth I have learned is that if we are willing to seek God, God is more than willing to be found.

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