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July 30, 2019 by Sister Confianza del Señor (Colón, Honduras)
Sister Confianza admiring a ripening yellow cashew apple
Recent God sightings in my life:  
  • A bright double rainbow one evening, shining to the south of the house
  • A young father holding his four-year-old daughter in the line at the bank
  • A child that gave me a piece of his candy
  • A tiny black-and-white butterfly drinking from a yellow flower
  • A hummingbird that hovered just a few feet from my face
  • Improvement in relations among the staff at the public health clinic where we volunteer
  • A small spider that built a spherical web in a pineapple plant
  • A generous gift of freshly harvested fruit including mangoes, bananas, and coconuts
  • Baby chicks
  • The “chance” meeting of a friend we’d been trying to get in touch with
  • Rain pattering on the roof
  • A cup of strong coffee, just when I needed a boost
  • A ride all the way to the clinic
  • The opportunity to share pineapples we’d picked
  • Encouraging emails from friends
  • The inauguration of the clinical laboratory we’d helped found
  • Freshly ground cumin
  • Medicine to relieve pain
  • Inspiring books
  • Silent prayer
  • Singing and playing guitar
  • A day of rest
  • A day of physical work
  • A desire to be closer to God

  What wonders of the natural world!  What love manifest among persons!  Praise God for divine presence in daily life!  Praise God, all creation! 


Sister Confianza and Sister Alegría write anecdotes about their life at Amigas del Señor Methodist-Quaker Monastery in Honduras at:!forum/amigashonduras

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