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September 20, 2019 by Jewell Johnson (Arizona, USA)

My name is Jewell Johnson, and I'd like to share more information about myself. I recently became a widow after 62 years of marriage to my pastor husband. We have six children and nine grandchildren. Besides writing, I enjoy quilting, working out, and reading historical books. In my church, I teach an adult Bible class each Sunday. I belong to a writers' group that meets monthly to critique our works. Besides writing devotionals for The Upper Room, I write poetry and articles. I will keep writing for publication because I feel it is a calling from God, and God has given me things to share. 

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I could not have found The Upper Room Moments of Prayer (on Facebook Live) sooner. For it is during these moments of centering spiritual practices, meditating on the words of scripture, praying with and for the world, that I find moments of transcendence, hear whispers of peace and hope, see glimpses of truth and justice, behold visions of love and beauty amid all the stark realities that are around me.”

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