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March 2020 Wednesday Study Questions

February 26, 2020 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

March 4: Waiting for God
1. Describe a time in your life when you struggled to understand God’s timing.  How was your faith changed by this experience?
2. Today’s writer talks about how Joseph had to wait on God’s timing.  What other biblical characters had to wait to see God’s ultimate plan for them?  With which character do you identify most?  Why?
3. How do you react when you’re struggling to trust God’s timing?  What spiritual practices bring you peace during such times?
4. What can you do to help someone who is struggling to wait for God?  How can your church support those who are struggling?
5. What situations do you see in your life or in the lives of others that remind you that God is always at work?

March 11: More Fruit
1. What dead branches do you have in your life?  What practices can help you trim them from your life?  How do you hope this will change the ways you serve God?
2. Describe a time when you felt the Holy Spirit nudging you to make a change in your life.  Did you make the change?  If not, what held you back?
3. In what ways do you produce fruit for God’s kingdom?  In what new ways would you like to produce fruit?  What kind of support from your church community would make this easier?
4. Do you find it difficult to prune away negative behaviors or patterns in your life?  If so, why?  If not, what makes it easy for you?
5. Do other Christians in your community serve as examples of faith for you?  What qualities do you admire in them?  How can their examples help you in your own faith experience?

March 18: Our Unbelief
1. When have you struggled with unbelief?  How did you overcome your doubt?  How can unbelief be an ongoing struggle?
2. Several biblical characters struggle with doubt and unbelief.  Name the ones that stand out to you most.  What is memorable about these characters?  How do they respond to and work through their doubts?
3. Where do you find the most reassurance from God?  In scripture, through prayer, in nature, among other Christians, elsewhere?  Talk about why you find reassurance in these places.
4. Do you find it easy or difficult to ask God for help when you experience doubt?  Why?  What prayers or spiritual practices help you to ask for help and strengthen your faith?
5. What does it mean to you that God’s goodness will cover your weakness?  Do you find comfort in that knowledge?  How do you see Jesus’ goodness making up for the areas of your life where you may be weak?

March 25: The Cards Never Stopped
1. Who in your life clearly demonstrates the strength of their faith?  How do they do so?  In what ways would you like to follow their example?
2. Has someone you know experienced a great loss recently?  Name some ways you can help both physically and spiritually during this time.
3. Is it easy or difficult for you to remain cheerful toward and thoughtful of others when you are going through hard times?  Why?  Where do you find peace and resilience during such times?
4. In what ways do others show kindness to you?  In what ways do you show kindness to others?  How can you be more intentional about showing kindness and love to those around you?
5. At times, do you find yourself clinging to earthly possessions?  What spiritual practices help you to shift your focus back to Christ? What scriptures help you?

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