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November 24, 2019 by Julia Cutting (England, United Kingdom)

I find that many of the meditations I write are triggered through conversations with people. Today’s meditation came about during a visit with my friend Pauline. We live several miles apart but try to meet up every couple of months or so. On this occasion we were catching up on each other’s news when, somehow, the conversation turned to the topic of mobile phones. We both remarked how intrusive they can be. I then shared with Pauline what had occurred when I left the dentist’s office. As I spoke the thought came to me, “That will make a good meditation for The Upper Room!”  

When Pauline left the room to refresh our teacups, I made a note of it to write up when I returned home. I never go anywhere without pen and paper. Others more technically minded may instead have made a note on their mobile phone!

I’m not against mobile phones; I own one myself. They serve a purpose and can of course be invaluable during an emergency or when our loved ones are far from us. But often when out to eat, I am saddened to see whole families with their eyes fixed on their mobile screens rather than engaging with one another.

We read in the Bible how important it is to build relationships with God and one another. How can we do that well if our eyes are always fixed on screens or if we are distracted by the things around us? My prayer is that we put aside our distractions to make more time for one another and to focus on those around us.

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