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December 20, 2019 by Kathy Ruth Marlowe (North Carolina, USA)

Luke is now in the second grade, and we are so truly blessed. This summer we were fortunate enough to go to Disney World, and Luke had the time of his life. For many years, because of my coaching experience, I have worked at a basketball camp ministry. Luke loves going to the camps and the fact that they are not just about basketball, but also about what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Luke is very involved in the church, with his latest venture being participating in the Christmas play. I am teaching part-time which allows me more time to take Luke to baseball, basketball, guitar, etc. Luke has learned to swim, loves fishing, and lights up my life with his vivacious personality. As a single parent, I rely on Christ more than ever. He has given me strength, peace, joy, patience, and a love that I have never known.


Kathy and Luke, Christmas 2019

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