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Jesus said, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” - Luke 12:25 (NIV)

During the 25 years I have been reading The Upper Room, I’ve noticed that common themes and favorite scriptures seem to return again and again. The passage from Luke 12 may be one of these favorites. At first I thought overreliance on certain passages was a problem; other parts of...

Today's Prayer
Loving God, help us to see the big picture in a world where our daily lives seem consumed with minutiae. Guide us to prioritize what truly matters — our love for you and our neighbor. Amen.

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Today's Reading
Luke 12:22-28

Thought for the Day

Despite my worries, I can trust God’s provision.

Prayer Focus

Someone fearful of the future

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I have been in the military for over 18 years, working in Religious Affairs. The Upper Room has always been a crucial resource for our military members. It serves as a beacon of hope, a way to connect daily to God and a reminder of how we should act as Christians.”

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