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Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. - Proverbs 4:25 (NIV)

As my five-year-old granddaughter learns to ride her bike without training wheels, she loves to join me on bike rides. I choose safe routes with minimal traffic and watch as she gains confidence in her balance and skill. Yet she still needs verbal reminders to keep her eyes on the...

Today's Prayer
Dear Lord, thank you for going before us and protecting us even when we don’t realize it. Help us to trust in you and hear your voice as you call us back to your path. Amen.

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Today's Reading
Proverbs 4:25-27

Thought for the Day

God is always looking out for my best interests.

Prayer Focus

Someone learning a new skill

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I join many of those who will pray for you as you seek to discern what you are called to be at this moment. May God grant you the courage to fulfill that calling. May we all open our eyes and see the misery, open our ears and hear the cries of God’s people, and, like God through the Lord Jesus Christ, be incarnate amongst them.” 

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