What I mean is that we can mutually encourage each other while I am with you. We can be encouraged by the faithfulness we find in each other, both your faithfulness and mine. - Romans 1:12 (CEB)

I was a happy and friendly child, but my attention deficit disorder caused challenges with my schoolwork and in relationships with my schoolmates and teachers. For many years I was bullied, and I was weighed down with a great sense of frustration and rejection. But expressions of concern from a...

Today's Prayer
Merciful God, thank you for loving us and for Jesus’ example of forgiveness. Give us courage to stand up for those who suffer abuse and discrimination, knowing that we can do this through Christ who gives us strength. Amen.

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Today's Reading
Philippians 4:10-14

Thought for the Day

God’s unconditional love can heal my wounded heart and spirit.

Prayer Focus

Victims of bullying

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