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Latest Devotionals

June 23, 2024


The surgeon delivered bad news about my husband’s health: “Two coronary arteries are 80 percent blocked and lined with large deposits of plaque. Triple bypass surgery and a valve replacement are...

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June 22, 2024

God Rejoices

One day when I was feeling disappointed and alone, I heard a song on my car radio that mentioned Jesus rejoicing over us. I wondered, How can Jesus rejoice over us?...

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June 21, 2024

From Grief to Comfort

At the height of the pandemic, the whole world was in great turmoil as COVID-19 ravaged the globe, claiming millions of lives in the process. International travel was nearly impossible. During...

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June 20, 2024

Wait for the Lord

Sitting in the urgent care facility with my knee wrapped in ice was not how I had planned to spend my day. Nevertheless, I was hopeful for a quick solution. Instead,...

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June 19, 2024

The Third Cord

While I was in the US Navy our ship’s engine urgently needed a replacement part. Another ship was sent with the needed part, but the seas were too rough to launch...

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June 18, 2024

Decluttering Our Lives

I enjoy watching TV programs where the hosts are invited into people’s homes to help them clean. The houses are overflowing with items, causing stress to the families living there. If...

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June 17, 2024

In God’s Hands

Eight years ago, when I learned that my younger brother had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, many questions flooded my mind. What is diabetes? Is my little brother going to...

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June 16, 2024

Pass the Baton

I find relay races inspiring. Every person on the team shares equal responsibility, and they all run eagerly to do their part well. If one team member is slow, another may...

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June 15, 2024

A Good Father

It has been well over a year since I’ve seen my father. Since my parents’ divorce when I was young, he has drifted further and further from me and my brother....

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June 14, 2024


After my sister’s surgery for a brain tumor, I stayed with her in the intensive care unit (ICU). She was suffering greatly, and I prayed for God to grant her relief...

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