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The Upper Room magazine's mission is to provide a practical way to listen to scripture, connect with believers around the world, and spend time with God each day.

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June 26, 2018

View from the Top

As morning dawned over the hills, my wife, Laura, and 
I reached the trailhead and began our hike to Ramona Falls in the Mount Hood Wilderness area of Oregon. Halfway to...

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June 25, 2018

Rest for the Weary

As I was picking blueberries one July morning, I watched the heavily laden branches of fruit spring up little by little as the plump, juicy berries were removed. “Ahhh!” the bush...

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June 24, 2018

The Rescue

One sunny day my sister and I went to an artisans’ fair to sell our hand-painted gourds. We took turns staffing the booth and alternated lunch breaks. When I returned from...

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June 23, 2018

Do Not Judge Others

As I arrived at church one Sunday, I congratulated myself for being on time for service and for praying for those I saw along my drive walking or running instead of...

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June 22, 2018

My Mission

For many years I have wondered, What is my mission in life? I am a retired police homicide detective. My career was cut short because of a stroke that left me...

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June 21, 2018

Sacred Bonds of Love

I have mourned the death of my parents, a young niece, and many others; but nothing has been as difficult as the death of my husband, Wil. It has been four...

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June 20, 2018

Open Your Eyes!

In the past year we have planted a large courtyard garden of cherry trees, white roses, and a box hedge. In autumn my husband put in about 90 daffodil bulbs among...

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June 19, 2018

Prayer Works

Recently a routine eye exam revealed a macular hole in my left eye. I had not noticed any changes in my vision, but I was suddenly in danger of losing my...

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June 18, 2018


One July day at a plant nursery near my home, I noticed some bedraggled Lenten rose plants with no blooms and browning leaves on sale for half price. Unable to resist...

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June 17, 2018

Spiritual Inheritance

My parents raised the five of us on a meager income. My dad had a very basic education and mother was completely illiterate. At a time when none of the Christian...

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Praise for The Upper Room

“I praise God for the ministry of The Upper Room. After publishing a daily devotional, I received a message from a 16-year old in South Africa thanking me for lifting her out of depression.” Read Tony’s devotional here.