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The Upper Room magazine's mission is to provide a practical way to listen to scripture, connect with believers around the world, and spend time with God each day.

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January 2, 2019

“Where is the new?”

It was December 31, and three-year-old Julu was excited and happy, playing and singing repeatedly, “Tomorrow is the New Year. Everything will be new tomorrow!” After supper, with much expectation, Julu...

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January 1, 2019

New Year’s Resolution

It was New Year’s Eve and while everyone else was busy preparing for the evening events, I was still thinking about what my New Year’s resolution would be. Then it occurred...

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December 31, 2018

Celebrating God

In our culture, we celebrate the end of the year with a New Year’s Eve party with our friends. We always have an array of food and enjoy music, dancing, and...

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December 30, 2018

God’s Glory

I have always found astronomy fascinating. I can look up at the sky and see planets, stars, and galaxies. I have even been able to show my daughters a few constellations....

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December 29, 2018

Forgiving Family

My family is high on my list of blessings. So these past few years have been painful for me both emotionally and spiritually. My family members and I have found ourselves...

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December 28, 2018

Heavenly Father

I am Indian, but my grandson, Aryan, was born in Texas and later moved to Kansas. One day when he came back from his kindergarten class, he innocently said to his...

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December 27, 2018

A Mother’s Love

Our family has a small flock of chickens. One spring, we watched our mother hen hatch six eggs. When the chicks were small, she was always busy trying to keep her...

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December 26, 2018

The Goldfish Bowl

When I was young, I wondered why so many people would want such small, unexciting creatures as goldfish for pets. Then on a school trip to a botanical garden, I saw...

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December 25, 2018

Christmas Perfection

Every year I dread the task of putting up the Christmas tree. The decade-old fake tree is crooked — bushy on one side, bare on the other. The tinsel doesn’t quite...

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December 24, 2018

God Is with Me

My Christmas preparations had come to a grinding halt. Chemotherapy interrupted my annual sprint through holiday activities. Instead of sending family and friends my usual Christmas letter, brimming with cheerful stories...

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"Patience requires us to slow down, pay attention, and see God in the midst of our frustration. When you get impatient, ask God what God would like you to see in that moment." Read More . . .