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September 28, 2022

Love Everyone

I can vividly imagine the foot-washing scene in the Gospel of John: Jesus taking off his outer garment, wrapping a towel around his waist, kneeling to remove the disciples’ sandals, and...

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September 27, 2022

The Privilege of Prayer

I have recently found myself frustrated with how difficult it is to communicate in today’s world. Many medical providers are so busy it takes several weeks or months to see a...

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September 26, 2022

Filled with New Peace

In 2007, my 29-year-old son, Deon, was murdered. He was a loving, caring, and giving person. The grief I endured was tremendous. For months in my brokenness I cried — consumed...

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September 25, 2022

Always on Time

In September 2017 my job contract came to an abrupt end. I was devastated and felt hopeless. How would I find new employment when companies were wrapping up business for the...

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September 24, 2022

Navigating Changes

When our daughter was four years old, we received a chrysalis in a clear jar. I explained to her that it was God’s plan for a caterpillar to change into a...

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September 23, 2022

Finding Peace

Whenever I read Isaiah 66 where the prophet speaks about restoring peace and prosperity to Jerusalem, it reminds me of when our family lived in Berlin during the Cold War. It...

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September 22, 2022

Journey to Stability

Seventeen years ago, I had a breakthrough and finally understood the Lord’s love for me. For decades I had begged God to deliver me from my eating disorders and clinical depression....

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September 21, 2022

The Gift

I really enjoy classical music. The Brandenburg Concertos by Bach are special favorites of mine. The history of these pieces makes them even more intriguing. Bach composed them and sent the...

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September 20, 2022

Cleansing Tears

I sat in a rocking chair on the front porch of our farmhouse watching the rain drench my garden as a storm moved across the cornfields. Almost immediately the air cooled,...

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I join many of those who will pray for you as you seek to discern what you are called to be at this moment. May God grant you the courage to fulfill that calling. May we all open our eyes and see the misery, open our ears and hear the cries of God’s people, and, like God through the Lord Jesus Christ, be incarnate amongst them.” 

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