When we dream of a reconciled world, we may mistakenly think of “returning to the Garden,” as if the history of the world will be erased and we will be placed new and naked before a snake and a tree. But this is not the blueprint of reconciliation. Reconciliation does...

O God, you know the truths I cannot speak even to myself. But I believe in your love and mercy, and I believe that you have made a way for me even through the wilderness of my own heart. You have created a sanctuary and spring within me, so that I can be whole. Amen.

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The RESILIENCE conference in 2021 was so uplifting and nourishing. It was wonderful to be with other Christians around the world at this retreat, who truly care about responding to trauma in a compassionate way by teaching spiritual practices to help with grounding and healing.”

Join us for the next RESILIENCE conference on September 29-30, 2023. Learn more at UpperRoom.org/resilience.