Mary Magdalene had a passion for Jesus’ ministry. It all started when Jesus cast seven demons out of her (see Luke 8:2). But it did not stop there. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke tell us that she was devoted to Jesus. She participated in his mission in Galilee...

Loving God, help me to look at all people through the eyes of undying love. Give me the passion of Mary. Amen.

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Lectionary Week
April 3–9, 2023
Scripture Overview

Although we anticipate the celebration of Easter, this week’s readings remind us to slow down and walk through Holy Week. Monday’s passage in John has Jesus in Bethany in full knowledge that he would be betrayed. Tuesday’s Gospel concludes Jesus’ public ministry. The crowd does not understand now, but they will. On Wednesday Jesus tells the disciples that they do not know what he is doing, but later they will understand. On Thursday, the reading in John shows us that even when facing death, Jesus continues to model selfless love. Friday brings pain and rejection, but Sunday is the greatest day in human history. He is risen indeed!

Questions and Suggestions for Reflection

Read John 12:1-11, 20-36. How is this story like the voice from heaven the people heard? What does it mean for us to walk in the light?
Read John 13:1-7, 21-32. Consider someone who has disappointed, hurt, or betrayed you whom God might be calling you to love. How could a posture of service help you act in a loving way even if you cannot feel affection for this person?
Read John 18:1–19:42. What new detail did you notice in rereading this long passage? Why might John have included that detail in the account?
Read Matthew 27:57-66. Sometimes all there is to do is sit with someone in their grief. Think of a time when someone’s presence has made a difference in your life.
Read John 20:1-18. The disciples saw and heard and believed. What has helped your belief?

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