On long hiking trails, such as the Appalachian Trail, one finds people who go out of their way to help the hikers, offering food and drink at a trail head, a ride to the grocery store, or a free tenting spot in their backyard. They are known as “trail angels.”...

God, send us out to discover who you are to all the world. Amen.

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Lectionary Week
February 12–18, 2024
Scripture Overview

The season of Lent is now upon us, a time of inward examination that begins on Ash Wednesday. We search ourselves and ask God to search us so that we can follow God more completely. This examination, however, can become a cause for despair if we do not approach it with God’s everlasting mercy and faithfulness in mind. Although the Flood was a result of judgment, God also saved the faithful and established a covenant with them. The psalmist seeks to learn God’s ways, all the while realizing that he has fallen short and must rely on God’s grace. For Christians, baptism functions as a symbol of salvation and a reminder of God’s covenant faithfulness. It is the means by which we accept and receive God’s love and mercy.

Questions and Suggestions for Reflection

Read Genesis 9:8-17. When have you, after a season of loss, experienced new life? What was the sign of that new life?
Read Psalm 25:1-10. How are you experiencing God’s steadfast love and faithfulness in your life? How do you offer thanks?
Read 2 Corinthians 5:20–6:10. What negative consequences have you experienced as a result of your servanthood?
Read Mark 1:9-15. Recall a “wilderness” experience in your own life. What helped you to move through that experience? What were the spiritual gifts of that experience?

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