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Emmaus Ministries will host our next international virtual gathering via Zoom on Friday, March 11, 2022 at 7:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada). The Emmaus Ministries Gathering will bring together music from all over the world. You will also hear from Fourth Day witnesses, enjoy a mini-group reunion experience from diverse cultures, learn about special announcements within the Emmaus Ministries community, and participate in a Spiritual Communion.

During the Gathering, we plan to spend time remembering the Emmaus Pilgrims we have lost over the last year. If you would like us to remember someone during this time, please submit the person’s name (or persons’ names) here.

Register today, save the date, and help spread the word!

We hope you will not only attend but also invite everyone in your Emmaus community to be present.


I looked forward to each session of the 2021 Spiritual Formation in Today’s World, and I still consider it a sacred time in my life. It renewed my love for myself, strengthened my love for God, and inspired my love for others.” Read more...