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Close to Our Hearts

April 22, 2020 by Stephen D. Bryant

We at The Upper Room are holding you close to our hearts, more than ever. You are our family, connected through Christ, and we care deeply about your wellbeing. In the midst of pandemic and economic slowdown, remember we are not alone. The Good Shepherd, the Risen Christ, is with us, safely guiding us through this difficult season.  

Eighty-five years ago, The Upper Room came into being in response to the devastating impact of the Great Depression on people and families across America. The history of our birth reminds me of how the Church has always shined brightest through crises. I truly believe that we as the body of Christ are called today in service to reach out to those who suffer illness, isolation, and spiritual loneliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is my prayer that we may live from our faith in God’s presence, not from our fear of the unknown. Your spiritual wellbeing—the vitality that stems from our connection with God and others—is the focus of our daily intercession and work at The Upper Room, which continues to carry on, albeit remotely. I hope you will check out the resources for spiritual wellness we compiled for you during this current crisis and will join us for Morning Prayer on Facebook live each day at 11:00 AM, Central Time

Let us never forget that we are the Easter people and that our hope is in the Risen Christ. Let us say it together:  Alleluia. Christ is risen! Christ has risen indeed!

Stephen D. Bryant is the Publisher of The Upper Room.

This article also appears in the Spring 2020 Fellowship Focus newsletter for friends and donors of The Upper Room. Click the image below to view the complete newsletter:

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An Anchor in the Storm

Joining friends at The Upper Room in morning prayer on Facebook Live has been an anchor in the storm during recent weeks. In the chaos of trying to figure out how to do ministry in strange and uncertain times, it was a compelling call to stop, breathe, listen, and be in community with those who gather "where the world meets to pray." Join us each day for morning prayer.