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On the Frontlines of Prayer

May 19, 2020 by Claire K. McKeever-Burgett (Tennessee)

In a recent Academy Podcast episode that’s part of a larger series entitled, “Holy and Healing: Conversations with Academy Leaders and Friends in the Time of COVID,” Marjorie Thompson implores us to pray—for the world, for one another, for ourselves.

It really does matter, she says.

At the time she said this, I nodded along in agreement. Since then, I’ve come to understand more deeply that what she says is true. While we may not all be medical professionals working on the frontlines to physically heal people from the coronavirus or delivery truck drivers working on the frontlines of getting necessary food and supplies where they need to go, we can position ourselves on the frontlines of prayer. We were made for this.

Our work with The Academy and our desire to be spiritually formed in the likeness of Christ prepare us for the ways we pray with and on behalf of the world. Lighting candles, writing poems, sitting still, practicing silence, singing songs, making phone calls, advocating for racial justice, playing with our children, building altars, painting pictures, knitting scarves, gathering online, weeding gardens, making food—all these things and more are the prayers we pray in this time, in all times.

Thank you for joining us, especially now, on the journey in Christ. We need your prayers. The world needs your prayers, and we are grateful we have them.

Continue to check out this page for conversations with Academy leaders, faculty, and friends in the time of COVID-19, and always consult our Academy schedule for updates about Academy events. And, please, let us know by emailing us here how we can pray with you in this season.

Be loved. Be love.

Claire K. McKeever-Burgett is the Associate Director for The Academy for Spiritual Formation. For more information about the Academy, visit

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