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Come by Here, Lord

June 3, 2020 by Jerome Curtis Del Pino (Nashville, TN)

Jerome Del Pino offered this pastoral prayer in his local church, Belmont United Methodist Church, on Pentecost Sunday. In these days, lament is critical to our discipleship, spiritual formation, and the work of antiracism. May our lament lead to action and transformation.

Click here to read a transcript of Jerome's prayer.

Jerome Curtis Del Pino is a lawyer who represents people facing the death penalty. He was born, baptized, and raised in the United Methodist Church, specifically the Black church tradition. He lives in Nashville, with his wife and two children.

This prayer is structured around the Afro-American spiritual, ‘Come by here’ or alternately ‘Kum by Yah,’ to which he claims no rights. The earliest documented incidence of that song was in 1926 when it was recorded by a man named Henry Wylie in Darien, Georgia, less than 20 miles from where Ahmaud Arbery was lynched in February of this year.

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