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Caring for Our Veterans: You Make It Happen

July 1, 2020 by Amy Skerratt

I am so excited to be writing you today, sharing the wonderful news that we have expanded our Chaplains’ Ministry. This powerful donor-driven program, supporting military and prison chaplains, now includes VA hospital chaplains. It was because of YOU and your generosity that we were able to start sending copies of The Upper Room daily devotional to our veterans being cared for in 135 VA medical centers.

Because VA hospital chaplains are federal employees, we are not able to quote them directly; but rest assured that as they started to receive the gift of The Upper Room for their ministries, my email inbox was flooded with gratitude.

One conversation I had with a chaplain struck me in particular. He shared with me how veterans are hungry for a healthy spirituality. Several, he said, have expressed how The Upper Room is helping them to answer difficult questions, such as, What is the meaning and purpose of my life? Why does evil exist? Has God abandoned me?

His role is admirable. Like all chaplains, he provides pastoral care during hardships and encourages them during dark times.

In recent months, our military and VA have played an integral role in the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prison chaplains have also played a key role in pastoral care to inmates as several prisons have experienced outbreaks of the virus.

Now, more than ever, service members, veterans, and people who are incarcerated need our support. When you give to The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry, you provide encouragement and comfort in a tangible way to those who are going through trying times.

Will you give a gift today to help sustain the work of The Upper Room Chaplains Ministry?

It is only with your help that this work is possible.

Amy Skerratt serves as the donor relations manager of The Upper Room.

Your gift to The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry will ensure that our service men and women, veterans, and inmates will continue to receive support and copies of The Upper Room free-of-charge. With each issue, over 45,000 copies are being mailed. For $42 a year, you can provide a chaplain with 10 copies per issue of The Upper Room. Please give today.

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