Finding Her Voice

January 8, 2018 by Claire K. McKeever-Burgett (Tennessee)

After some personal setbacks prompted Lisa Schroeder of Marion, Iowa to take a leave from pastoral ministry, she “found her voice again” as a participant in the Two-Year Academy for Spiritual Formation.

Lisa shared that her personal devotional times at The Academy, inspired by texts and practices in spiritual disciplines from a variety of traditions and ages, gave her new space for a deep spiritual experience and for profound healing.

Scott and Lisa Schroeder

Resonating with the assertion that “the daily rhythm of The Academy restores needed balance…through silence and conversation, rest and relationship…opening our hearts and minds to wisdom and Word,” Lisa was able to listen to the voice of God, as well as her own.

Her tuition in The Upper Room’s Academy is partially supported by a scholarship from the Spiritual Formation Steering Committee (SFSC) of the Conference Board of Discipleship, underwritten by conference apportionment giving, and this scholarship was matched by a gift from The Upper Room.

Lisa offers her profound gratitude for the financial support from both entities and is thankful for the new perspective on life, faith, and spirituality The Academy has given her.

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Matt croasmun casula

Jesus is speaking to us . . .

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