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A Promising Tomorrow

January 21, 2021 by The Upper Room Fellowship

It is with a heart full of joy and gratitude that we share with our Upper Room family that 2020 was the best giving year on record for The Upper Room. Your confidence in our ministry inspires and encourages us and gives us hope for a promising tomorrow. Words alone will always fail to express how grateful we are for you and your commitment, especially during such a trying year. Working together, we have indeed lived out The Upper Room’s mission statement:

The Upper Room invites people to create daily life with God.

Because of the generosity of donors, people around the world are creating daily life with God—being shaped by the Spirit and practicing the ways of Jesus. This happens every day through the reading of The Upper Room daily devotional and our books, through prayer and reflection, and by participating in our legacy programs like The Walk to Emmaus and The Academy for Spiritual Formation. 

Year-end gifts are still being processed, but we have recorded over 17,000 contributions totaling an estimated $964,000. Thank you. We will share the final audit in the 2020 Annual Donor Report, available in early spring.

On many levels, 2021 holds great promise for all of us. Please continue to join us on the spiritual journey of helping people create daily life with God. 


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