Giving Thanks for Billy Graham

February 26, 2018 by The staff of The Upper Room (Nashville, Tennessee)

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.---Romans 10:15

The staff of The Upper Room gives thanks for the life and ministry of Billy Graham. 

In 1964, Graham was presented The Upper Room Citation, an award given to recognize those who significantly advanced worldwide Christian fellowship.

Billy Graham 1918-2018

Rev. Billy Graham and Guideposts founder Dr. Norman Vincent Peale at The Upper Room Citation award dinner, 1964.


The Art is Outside

“As the curator of The Upper Room Chapel and Museum, it is my task to highlight art and draw the viewer into the work itself. On clear days, the art is outside The Upper Room Chapel: gorgeous pink blossom clouds of the Japanese Magnolia trees. The blossoms don’t last very long. If you are in the Nashville area, take a few minutes to stop by and enjoy them. ‘We recognize God’s presence in the world around us,’ the author of The Mystic in You says. ‘Sometimes it comes because of our intentional spiritual practices. Other times, it comes when we least expect it and do not feel as though we deserve it.  … Geese flying overhead and a dog running in its sleep become windows into eternity when we pause, notice and open to the wonder of all being.’ Sometimes it is in a pink cloud of blossoms.”