This is Why We Give: A Conversation with Mike and Sue Crane about Emmaus Ministries

December 15, 2021 by The Upper Room Emmaus Ministries Team
Mike and Sue Crane

Greetings! The heart of Emmaus Ministries is its people, the dedicated pilgrims who start up, lead, and mentor local communities and make the important commitment to sponsor others. Thousands are committed to the Emmaus movement. Among them are Mike and Sue Crane from Durham, North Carolina, and members of the Heart of Carolina community. We recently talked with the Cranes about their Emmaus journey and their dream for the ministry’s future.

What has Emmaus Ministries meant to you and what is your current involvement?

Mike: My Walk in 2005 redirected my focus and gave me a solid framework. Afterwards, I served in many positions on the local and international level. Currently, I am serving as a consultant and start-up trainer for the international office of Emmaus Ministries and working with staff to develop a virtual program in the Emmaus tradition.    

Sue: My sponsor gave me an invaluable gift when I went on my Walk: a deeper faith that changed how I share the love of God in this broken world. Within two years of my Walk, I served on the steering committee to establish a new Emmaus community in my area. Since then, I have served in many levels, including as my community’s Lay Director.

Why is the Emmaus movement important to the wider church?

Mike: Without the framework and motivation that Emmaus Ministries provided for me, it’s unlikely that I would have stepped up and been as actively involved in the life of the church as I have been. Like me, countless others—inspired by their Emmaus experience—have answered the call to be more engaged in their local congregation.

Sue: No matter where I am in the world, when I hear or say “¡De Colores!” I immediately recognize a kindred spirit. Emmaus Ministries starts and supports new communities around the world so that Christians can experience God’s love in new ways and serve as the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

Why have you supported Emmaus Ministries financially?

Mike: Over the years, I’ve come to understand the importance of developing church leaders—and have seen Emmaus’ impact on people who step up to lead in their congregations and Emmaus communities. Furthermore, the international reach of Emmaus Ministries helps fulfill the Great Commission. The impact of Emmaus is huge and that is why we give.

What would you say to other pilgrims who are thinking about giving to Emmaus?

Sue: Pilgrims, you have been given a priceless gift through your Emmaus experience. It’s a gift that can be passed on by supporting Emmaus Ministries’ development of church leaders around the world. I’ve made it a priority, so can you. ¡De Colores!

Join Mike and Sue in renewing Christian disciples and strengthening local churches. Your gift to the Fourth Day Fund, the operations fund of Emmaus Ministries, will help us remain strong and vibrant even during these challenging times.

P.S. Emmaus Ministries has touched more than 1.4 million lives worldwide. Can we count on you to help us reach 1.4 million more?

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