The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry: A Beacon of Hope

July 1, 2022 by The Upper Room Fellowship

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Each year, The Upper Room conducts a campaign for its Chaplains’ Ministry, a donor-sponsored program that allows us to send copies of The Upper Room daily devotional free-of-charge to chaplains. Since World War II, this ministry has been providing support to military chaplains. Because of generous donors like you, we have been able to expand this program to VA hospital and prison chaplains. Last year, we sent 270,000 copies of the daily devotional to chaplains for use in their ministry.

We are grateful beyond measure for your generosity and life of faith. Truly, you are making a difference in the lives of others, from people incarcerated to veterans who served our country to active-duty military.

Here is a glimpse of how your generosity is shaping and changing lives:

“I have been in the military for over 18 years, working in Religious Affairs. The Upper Room has always been a crucial resource for our military members. It serves as a beacon of hope, a way to connect daily to God, and a reminder of how we should act and treat one another as Christians.”

            —Active-duty Member of the United States Air Force

The Upper Room lifts the spirits of residents I serve as a correctional chaplain. Christians and non-Christians read the devotions, reminding them of an alternative path to a loving God that will walk alongside them through the good and ugly of life. When the facility went on lock-down, The Upper Room was the primary reading material requested. The devotions touch many lives, lives you may never see or encounter.”

            —Prison Chaplain

“The Upper Room has been a great resource that has transformed my life. It has been my go-to for years. I appreciate the opportunity to share this brief testimony with donors who make this ministry possible. Thanks so much for the gift of The Upper Room that so many of us veterans enjoy.”

            —U.S. Navy Veteran

Because of you and your generosity, The Upper Room serves as a beacon of hope to many. Chaplain requests are ongoing, and we need your help to expand this ministry. For $42, you can provide one chaplain with 10 copies of The Upper Room for a year. Regardless of the size, your gift matters and makes a difference.

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