Emmaus Ministries: 100 Days of Giving

September 23, 2022 by The staff of The Upper Room

Starting September 23, Emmaus Ministries will launch its 100 Days of Giving campaign, in which it seeks to raise $50,000 in 100 days, as it continues to recover from losses incurred by the Covid-19 pandemic. All proceeds go toward the Fourth Day Fund, the operations fund. There will be many exciting ways to give: the Emmaus Ministries Wellness Walk, October 1–November 12; the 44th Anniversary Weekend, November 3–6; and year-end giving. In addition, a prayer vigil for the entire 100 days is an integral part of the initiative. Click here to sign up. 

To find out more about the 100 Days of Giving campaign, please read the Emmaus Ministries Case of Support.

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