Emmaus Ministries to Host Wellness Walk

September 26, 2022 by Nicole Curtis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. September 27, 2022 / The Upper Room / — Emmaus Ministries is partnering again with Charity Footprints to host a wellness walk fundraiser. The event runs from October 1–November 12. All proceeds go to the Fourth Day Fund, the operations fund of Emmaus Ministries.

Like last year, the event invites people to walk in body, mind, and spirit the distance between Jerusalem and Emmaus (7 miles / 11.5K / 14,000 steps). Participants can walk as individuals or with their local Emmaus communities and will have 43 days to complete the challenge.

Rev. Stéphane Brooks, international spiritual director of Emmaus Ministries, invites all to embark on a season of healing and wholeness during these challenging times: “The Wellness Walk gives us the time needed to make new discoveries about God and ourselves that will increase our faith and restore us. May we experience the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus as the first disciples did in Luke 24.”

“Footprints points” are earned for steps, spiritual practices, and other activities that lead to physical and spiritual wellness. Prizes will be awarded to the top ten individuals and the top three Emmaus community teams who score the most points during the event. Leaderboards will track points.

Registration is open and costs $29.00. Please join this event to support the work of Emmaus Ministries, and invite others to participate. All proceeds go to the Fourth Day Fund, the operations funds of Emmaus Ministries.

Register today for the Emmaus Ministries Wellness Walk. An event T-shirt can be purchased at additional cost with proceeds going toward the Fourth Day Fund.

The Wellness Walk is part of the 100 Days of Giving campaign for Emmaus Ministries that started on September 23. The campaign includes a 100-day prayer vigil, a 72-hour giving weekend, and more. The goal is to raise $50,000 for Emmaus Ministries, which continues to recover from losses incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year’s fundraiser saw 208 people, coming from the United States, Singapore, and South Africa, walk 10,447 miles (16,813K) and raise $10,670.

For nearly 45 years, the sole purpose of the Emmaus movement is to strengthen disciples for the renewal of the church. Emmaus Ministries includes The Walk to Emmaus program, Chrysalis (older teens), and Face to Face (boomers) and partners with Journey to the Table (young adults) and Discovery Weekend (middle school students) to offer spiritual support for people at every age. Emmaus Ministries supports nearly 350 communities, located in 28 countries worldwide.

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