My Fourth Day Story: After the Weekend

October 14, 2022 by Liau Chun Hong

As I think of my late conference bishop, Rev. Dr. Wong Tik Wah, I recall his multiple invitations to me to attend The Walk to Emmaus weekend. Before 2018 I rejected his invitations many times.

Thankfully he persisted until I decided to attend the weekend retreat by joining the Singapore Walk #66 in August 2018. At the end of the weekend, as I was waiting to depart for Kuala Lumpur in Singapore’s Changi Airport, my heart was overwhelmed and “strangely warmed” (as John Wesley described) by God’s love and grace. I texted Rev. Dr. Wong that I felt like a new creation in Christ.

Words cannot describe how touched I was by the show of love I received over my Emmaus weekend. I am learning to let God’s love flow from my heart toward others through my words and actions each day. The practice of sacrificial love is a lifelong learning journey for me.

I am ever thankful that Jesus has shown me that loving him through working with church clergy and laypersons with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength is crucial for the expansion of God’s kingdom. This model of working together in unity was very much manifested over the Emmaus weekend as I saw how the laity could live and work in harmony with the clergy, without one group claiming superiority over another, toward a common goal for the good of all. I am still learning about working harmoniously with other Christians.

Through all the little agape love gifts I received on my weekend, I experienced God’s love and grace as never before. Emmaus changed my mindset and perception of love. No matter how big or small the agape action, I felt God’s sincere love for me.

My prayer life has been transformed in many ways after the weekend, especially when I became a behind-the-scenes prayer warrior serving in the MSK 9 Men’s Walk in Sarawak, Malaysia, in 2019. I saw how miraculously our Lord listens to the fervent prayers from far and near. For the first time I felt Jesus’ presence close to me as I prayed prayers of intercession for others in the little prayer room. Jesus converted my physical pain of kneeling before him to joy and peace in my soul. Remembering this experience encourages me to keep on praying.

For me, the most challenging task after the Emmaus weekend was continued perseverance in leading a God-fearing and pleasing life in HUMILITY. All the acts of the servants who worked tirelessly and silently behind the scenes before and during the weekend reminded and challenged me to look more closely at the Jesus who sacrificed his life on the cross. His selfless act of giving his life without complaining is something I am striving hard to mimic in my busy earthly life. The Jesus who did not complain on the cross but willingly surrendered to God’s will is now my role model, my mentor, and my close companion. Amen.

De Colores!

Liau Chun Hong attend the Singapore Walk to Emmaus #66 in August 2018 and is part of the West Malaysia Emmaus Community.

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