The Upper Room International Editions: Changing Hearts and Lives

March 15, 2023 by Nicole Curtis

Not long after the first issue of The Upper Room daily devotional rolled off the press in 1935, the magazine began crossing borders, changing hearts and lives around the world. Among the first language editions was El Aposento Alto, the Spanish translation which is celebrating 85 years of ministry this year.

El Aposento Alto is widely read among the Spanish-speaking community in the United States and Puerto Rico and is easily found throughout Latin America, thanks to our publishing partners serving Mexico, Cuba, and 12 more countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean. These dedicated publishing partners receive our translation files, print, market, and distribute El Aposento Alto to people and places in their home country and in neighboring countries. Argentina tops the list as the main distributor of the devotional guide followed closely by the Dominican Republic.

The ministry of El Aposento Alto continues to make a significant difference. Did you know that in Argentina a small group of people meeting weekly to reflect on the daily meditations led to the birth of a vibrant congregation? Or that our publishing partner with the Methodist Church of Perú produces a radio version of the devotions in the Quechua language? In the Dominican Republic, El Aposento Alto is sold in the newsstands at the popular supermarket, Nacional, making it widely accessible to all.

Despite economic constrains, nearly 2,500 copies of El Aposento Alto continue to be distributed in Cuba in partnership with the Methodist seminary. Last year, El Aposento Alto managing editor, Jorge Berríos, worked with the UMC General Board of Higher Education and our publishing coordinators to create a special edition of the devotional for use by students, faculty, and other members of the academic community in Latin America.

We are grateful for our local publishing partners in Latin America and in other parts of the world who work tirelessly for the sake of the Gospel, encouraging the use of The Upper Room as a primary resource for prayer and discipleship. And we are blessed with faithful donors like you who make this good work possible. El Aposento Alto and most of our other 35 language editions depend on the generosity of donors to support financially their work of translation, printing, and distribution of the devotional in their native language. Your prayers and gifts to sustain and expand The Upper Room’s international work makes the world a better place.

Nicole Curtis serves as the Communications Manager at The Upper Room.

P.S. The Upper Room is translated into 36 languages and is found in more than 100 countries. Your gift to The Upper Room’s international editions helps believers both near and far create daily life with God. Click here to learn more about our international work. 


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